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ColPac is THE solution for cost savings in the transport and storage of empty containers

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The KnightBox is THE solution for the safe transport and storage of motorcycles. The KnightBox is especially designed for the transport and storage of motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Yamaha, etc. This KnightBox enables motorcycle manufacturers to re-use their packaging. The user friendliness and properties of the material also significantly reduce the time required for packing and unpacking a motorcycle.

The KnightBox offers safety and protection against damage and external (weather) influences. The latter also applies to the private user. In the winter months a motorcycle is often in the way but can be safely stored in the KnightBox. Private storage companies in particular rent this product out to motorcycle owners during the winter months.

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Specifications van De KnightBox:

- Dimensions are: 115cm x 250cm x 130cm (WxDxH)
- The weight is approximately 120 Kg, the motorcycle not included
- To be folded and unfolded by two persons within 1.5 minutes
  At additional cost this can be altered to one person
- Predominantly grey. A different colour for the base plate
  is possible at extra charge
- Stackable up to 3 pieces unfolded
- Stackable up to 10 pieces folded, therefore the transportation
  and storage costs are significantly lower
- 100% protection against weather, damage and transportation
- The motorcycle is driven into the KnightBox and then fastened
  down with a bracket (part of the delivery). For safe transport,
  the motor can be fastened down with straps
  (not included in the price)
- Can be lifted from four sides by a forklift truck
- No protruding parts in unfolded or collapsed state
- Foldable on its own footprint