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ColPac is THE solution for cost savings in the transport and storage of empty containers

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The RoyalBox is one of ColPac’s two leading products and is especially developed for companies who regularly need to transport and/or store empty containers as a result of an imbalance in the supply chain. The ad hoc creation of storage that is flexible and easy to use. The Royalbox is widely used in the Transport and Logistics sectors, as well as by removal companies and manufacturers of products that have to transport their products to the customer. In addition, the RoyalBox is to be found in many other industries and sectors that have to deal with storage and transport issues. Therefore, the RoyalBox is extremely suitable for intermodal transport: Maritime transportation, rail transportation and transportation by road and air.

The unique properties of the RoyalBox determine the value for the users. The dimensions can be specified by the customer. The RoyalBox, like all our products can be customized. The regular sizes relate to transportation by trucks, furthermore the standard euro pallet also dictates a starting point.

The RoyalBox is composed of a base plate made of steel, and a frame made of aluminium. The frame filling is made of plastic. By opting for light materials for the construction, substance is given to the possibility for two individuals to fold (20% of the unfolded state) and unfold the Box unaided. The RoyalBox is also very user-friendly and flexible in many ways. The material is durable and resistant to outside influences.

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RoyalBox Collapsible Meshcage:


Specifications of The RoyalBox:

- Dimensions in various versions but for example:
  220cmx120cmx220cm (WxDxH) and
  235cmx220cmx250cm (WxDxH)
- Weight depends on the size, but ranging from 150 Kg to 350 Kg
- Load up to 1200 Kg
- To be folded and unfolded by two persons within 1.5 minutes
- The colour is predominantly gray. A different colour for the 
  base plate is at extra charge.
- Stackable up to 3 pieces in the unfolded state.
- Stackable up to 10 pieces in folded state so that the 
  transport and storage costs are much lower.
- 100% protects against weather, damage and transportation
- Can be lifted from four sides by a forklift truck
- No protruding parts in unfolded or collapsed state
- Foldable on its own footprint

- The RoyalBox is also available with meshpanels and is